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For Nurses Week, celebrated May 6-12, 2023, we want to give a special thank you to our UW Medicine nurses for all your work to improve the health of the public. You are saving lives and making a difference in the community.

Read thank yous and notes of gratitude from UW Medicine patients and community members.

Patient relations praise

Gratitude and feedback submitted to patient relations.

Harborview Medical Center

“Every moment at Harborview was top notch. Everyone from doorman at main door on return visit to pharmacist at check out was amazing. Room nurses Nicholas, Brittney & Megan could not have been more kind & thorough. Every doctor, tech & transporter treated me with great care.”

“The nurses I interacted with were fabulous: Knowledgeable, kind, helpful. I can’t say enough good things about the social worker system in place at Harborview. Oh, so helpful and kind.” 

UW Medical Center – Northwest

“As before, it was a nice experience. Nurse Han was so attentive and was there for me as soon as needed. So pleased. Was wonderful seeing Mader. Such a blessing you have been. The doctor in the ER was so caring and took time even to come visit me later during my stay. I’m sorry I don’t remember his name, but it starts with an ‘S’. Anyway, all are blessed to have a place like NW Med. Hosp. for our care. 

“My stay, care and attention was awesome. EVERYONE was friendly, professional and made me comfortable throughout my care!” 

UW Medical Center – Montlake

“This hospital stay was great because of the nurses, doctors and nurses assistants that took care of me. ICU nurses Vanessa, Ana and Rachel were amazing and helped me understand what was going on and relaxed me. The nurses after ICU treated me great also. Elizabeth is one of the nicest nurses I have ever met and helped me so much and listened to me when I needed to talk. Nurse assistants Jeneca, Kelly and Christina helped me so much and were there fast every time I needed them. They were so patient and respectful, helping me get out of bed and go to bathroom and taking me for walks and just talking to me when I needed that.” 

“Excellent care entire time. Nurses and team on 7SE are amazing. Kaylie, Chelsey, Dr. Martin, Will. Between chemo and surgery, I always felt I had the best care. Thank you!”  

UW Medicine Primary Care

“Very appreciative of the customer focus exhibited by all staff at this clinic which is the primary reason I come here when there are other urgent care options closer to my home.” 

Valley Medical Center

“The nurse was amazing — waited on me to get my kids. She was great at explaining things in a fun, not scary way for my 4- and 2-year-old. I was amazed how fast we were seen. They said 60-90 min. wait but we were seen within 10-15 min.” 

“The nurses and staff who attended me were amazing! There was never a time I felt ‘left out’ or ‘alone.’ They were friendly, courteous, kind, caring and helpful around the clock. I almost hated to have to leave. But when the time came, they were excellent at seeing to my needs and helping me get out the door!”  

Social media shout outs

Kudos and heartfelt comments from the community on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

“trigger warning: cesarean birth. The scariest moment of my life was hearing my first child was not responding to fetal tests and I’d be having an 11 week early emergency cesarean. Then it hit me how scary the period after her birth would be, how long would she be hospitalized? Would she make it? These questions were constantly on my mind. Lily is now 20 months old, 17 adjusted and has made major strides in progress since her earlier than expected arrival. Last piece of our puzzle is getting those cute little legs walking 💖 I am so grateful for the Montlake medical staff on the night of our birth and how understanding of my anxieties they were. Our @uwmedicine NICU nurses were incredible and I am forever changed by their kindness. I encourage any mama to be to explore the possibility of emergency c section; it truly never crossed my mind as a possibility and I think we should all be prepared to handle whatever we must. A little research prior to this experience would have been so beneficial for my nerves and emotional state. Sending love to all my fellow warrior mamas 💖”Instagram logo

“The team in the NICU and OB saved me and my baby’s life in 2014. She is now thriving and dreaming of returning there to UW to be a vet and a husky! Your neonatal nurses and doctors are amazing. We love you! Shout up to your follow up clinics too!”Facebook logo

“There are no better Nurses than those at the University of WA and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center. Thank you over, and over, and over again. ❤️✨”Instagram logo

Raves & Raves is a monthly column of positive feedback received from patients and community members.