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Thank you to our UW Medicine employees for all your work to improve the health of the public.

Here’s how we’re making a difference in the community:

Patient relations praise

Gratitude and feedback submitted to patient relations.

Harborview Medical Center

“Every nurse and doctor I spoke to was kind, compassionate, helpful, and highly skilled. I am grateful for the high quality of care I received.”

UW Medical Center – Northwest

“I have nothing but praise and gratitude for the care that I received from all the doctors & nurses that I met during my stay at Northwest Hospital – They saved my life! The ‘someone in particular’ that made my experience better was *Doctor Duncan Kendall Hussey – He was my ‘guardian angel’ during the night of my code blue episode – His firm handhold, his acknowledgement of what I was feeling & his gentle demeanor were utterly reassuring – Thank you! Thank you *Doctor Hussey!”

UW Medical Center – Montlake

“Everyone was excellent both pre-op and post-op. I really appreciated Derrick one of my nurses. The other male nurse whose first name starts with a D helped me to get a few questions answered in recovery and both were superb. I am a physician. They are excellent! The anesthesia 4th year resident and anesthesiologist were excellent. I had a weird reaction to lidocaine and they took the time afterwards to explain it to me and took it seriously. Finally I can’t say enough about Dr Boe. I am so happy with my care from Dr Boe. She was totally reasonable with a few special requests and helped me return to work – even took time to write a letter so I could get some ergonomic equipment to return to work. I worked ER 20 years and bedside manner is everything. I was 100% happy with my care and would 100% recommend the providers and the facility.”

UW Medicine Primary Care

“Liz Chaskey went above and beyond in helping me. I could tell she genuinely cared about getting me the help/meds I needed and making sure I was supported. I can’t say enough good things about her.”

Valley Medical Center

“I would like to thank Lumi Seto for her extraordinary care and resourcefulness over the past two years as we’ve tried to analyze and correct my ongoing gastrointestinal issues. I’ve never felt rushed, and with her empathy I always felt heard. Additionally, she was always quick with a response on MyChart, and again extraordinarily free with her time. Gratitude and kudos to her and her team!”

Social media shout outs

Kudos and heartfelt comments from the community on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

LinkedIn logo “Congratulations Dr. Nghiem! When my father was diagnosed with Merkel Cell Carcinoma many years ago he was placed under the wonderful care of Dr. Nghiem and his team. I’m happy to report that my father is a success in fighting his cancer and we’ll be celebrating his 90th birthday this May. It’s because of this amazing work I was inspired to work at Fred Hutch and now get to give back and support future research to cure cancer and other diseases that cause human suffering.”

Show your appreciation

Want to show your recognition or appreciation for an incredible colleague? Visit the UW Medicine Recognition and Appreciation site (UW NetID required) for resources on how to share and show your support for your team members.

Raves & Raves is a monthly column of positive feedback received from patients and community members.