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Mission Forward Key Results
April 2024

Registered Nurse Vacancies Declined

Vacancies are down by 8.9% at UW Medical Center – Montlake, 2.3% at UW Medical Center – Northwest and 8.8% at Harborview from a year ago.

Ambulatory hospital building with up arrow

Ambulatory Visit Volumes Continue to Improve

Completed ambulatory visit volume is 12.5% higher than last year and exceeds the baseline number by 7.4%.

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Average Daily Cash Posted Increased

Average daily cash increased by 9%, year-over-year.

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Supply Chain Savings Continue

Supply Chain achieved more than 100% of total savings toward our goal since July 2023.

About Mission Forward

Mission Forward is a systemwide initiative to ensure a future for UW Medicine that is financially stable, operationally efficient, and promotes the well-being of our staff, faculty and trainees so we can continue providing high-quality, equitable patient care to our community.

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Spotlight on Mission Forward

Learn more about the programs and people advancing UW Medicine’s Mission Forward.


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What people are saying about Mission Forward

“Mission Forward emphasized that this is a team effort. No single individual or group can succeed on their own. We have to collaborate and build partnerships among multiple departments. It's hard work, but we've been reviewing the data and putting teams in place, and our trendlines are going in the right direction. We just have to keep going.”

Celine EnglandInterim Director of Clinical Operations and Surgical Services, Harborview Medical Center

“When I think Mission Forward, two words come to mind: collaboration and transparency. It’s taking a deep dive with your colleagues across the health system to make sure no stone is left unturned as we ask ourselves, ‘Can we do this better?’ It’s an opportunity to reflect and be open to trying something new, and it shows our continued commitment to innovation and excellence at UW Medicine.”

Caron McMahonAssistant Administrator for Emergency Department & Ambulatory Care Nursing for UW Medical Center

“Mission Forward is the story of the operating room, the emergency department, the social work department. It’s the story of all our care teams. They’re the ones changing their routines and workflows, and that can be difficult. But when they see the tangible differences, the benefit of doing something differently, that makes it all worthwhile.”

Kellie Garth GreenInterim Chief Nursing Officer, UW Medical Center

Mission Forward Workstreams

Mission Forward has more than 30 workstreams underway. Each has a charter, success metrics and cadence for reporting progress to ensure we meet our 2024 fiscal year objectives.

To learn more about each workstream, hover your mouse over the box.


Care Delivery:
Length of Stay

Care Delivery:
Emergency Department

Care Delivery:
Perioperative & Procedural

Care Delivery:
Workforce (IP Nursing,
Ancillary & Support)

Revenue Cycle:

Revenue Cycle:

Revenue Cycle:
Payor contracting

Documentation & Coding
Excellence: Inpatient
CDI & Coding

Documentation & Coding
Excellence: Professional
Services E&M

Documentation & Coding Excellence:
Risk Adjustment

School of Medicine
Faculty Effort

Ambulatory Clinic

Ambulatory Access
& Provider


Health System
Workforce Foundational

Retention & Leader

Supply Chain

Technology (IT)

Quality & Safety

Space Utilization


Strategic Access &
Capacity: Clinical Facility

Strategic Access
& Capacity:
Strategic Access

Strategic Access &
Eastside Assessment

Funding Sources:

Funding Sources:


Growth & Partnerships:

Growth & Partnerships:
Balanced Portfolio

Growth & Partnerships:
Adult Oncology

Growth & Partnerships:
Public Health System

Growth & Partnerships:
Valley Medical

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History of Mission Forward

Mission Forward was launched in 2022 to identify, design and implement changes that improve our financial stability, increase operational efficiency, promote the well-being of our staff, faculty and trainees, and ensure we can continue providing high-quality, equitable patient care to our community.

Learn More About Mission Forward

While all healthcare systems across the country have faced challenges, UW Medicine’s financial situation is exacerbated by our unique role within the state and region:

  • Our mission is to provide care for all people, including the most vulnerable and most complex patients. This results in over $800 million in under compensated care per year.
  • We train over 65% of the residents in Washington state. However, the Federal reimbursement for resident education has been capped since 1996.
  • We have continued to invest in temporary labor to meet the clinical needs of our state while other healthcare systems have reduced their staffing and are not using all their physical beds.
  • We have over 175 patients in our system on any given day that medically are ready to be discharged to the next level of care but remain in our hospitals due to the lack of post-acute care availability; reimbursement covers only about 17% of the cost of their hospital care.

Mission Forward has three distinct phases. Phases 1 and 2 are complete and we are now fully engaged in Phase 3, Implementation.

Phase 1: Assess & Identify

Gathered information, analyzed data, conducted
stakeholder interviews and established benchmarks to inform the short- , mid-  and long-term opportunities that were outlined in a comprehensive assessment report (read the summary here). Completed in May 2023.

Phase 2: Decide & Design

Validated the assessment report, briefed key stakeholders to ensure alignment, designed improvement programs and identified teams to implement plans. Completed in June 2023.

90-Day Action Plan. Bridged the first and second phases of Mission Forward, to make immediate improvements in key areas of operations. Nearly a dozen teams were involved in the work, which paved the way for longer-term improvements. Completed in March 2023

Phase 3: Implement & Achieve

Implementing workstreams and process solutions. Approximately two dozen work streams are now active with teams making progress in priority areas such as care delivery and revenue cycle. Each team has defined targets and success metrics and is delivering regular progress reports.