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In honor of Doctors’ Day, celebrated on March 30, 2024, we want to give a special thank you to our UW Medicine doctors for the exceptional care they provide to our patients, their families and our larger community.

Read thank yous, kudos and notes of gratitude from UW Medicine patients and community members.

Patient relations praise

Gratitude and feedback submitted to patient relations.

Harborview Medical Center

“Discussing one’s final march/slide/ passage towards one’s death can be daunting and variable. Today’s televisit with Dr. Waldron focused on the present, my effort to live well, my caregiver’s insights into that effort. Dr. Waldron was kind, informed, and encouraging of my efforts and the caregiver’s help. We both felt heard and cared for. Thank you, Dr. Waldron.”

Dr. Blaze is always well-prepared. Each visit we have a thorough review of my blood test results and we discuss ways to improve by adjusting my lifestyle, diet and meds. Dr. Blaze helps me to live the best quality of life with end-stage PKD disease because I don’t want dialysis and transplant.”

UW Medical Center – Northwest

Dr. Padmanabhan is superb. I would go as far as to say he is the prototype for what a Doctor should be. He is very involved in my care, not just his specialty but all disciplines that it impacts. He has called me at home (unheard of in today’s world) on several occasions to discuss Lab Results he did not order but impact his care of me. I feel very fortunate to have him as my Pulmonologist and hope he does not go anywhere during my lifetime.”

“The elevation of travel for me is necessary. Feeling like I am in the office and being cared for by such a compassionate doctor is my best life right now. Cancer sucks. But every once in a while, you get a wonderful doctor who makes you feel heard. That’s priceless.”

UW Medical Center – Montlake

“The two doctors who helped me (one during the night shift and the other for the day shift) were both INCREDIBLE. They were kind, patient, empathetic, listened carefully, took the time to explain everything and include me in the care, made me feel safe and like I was in good hands, and were just incredible human beings. I don’t remember their names, but it will be in my chart, and I would love for them to get kudos for being incredible doctors who serve with heart.”

Dr. Becke is a wonderful doctor. She always takes the time to listen to my concerns (I never feel rushed through the appointment). She is compassionate and always does an excellent job explaining her diagnosis and plan for care. I followed Dr. Becke here from her previous clinic for these reasons, and I always recommend her to friends and family when they are looking for a new provider.”

UW Medicine Primary Care

Dr Iskin did a great job! The discussions we had were thorough. Explanations were clear and easy to understand. Questions I asked and concerns I raised were answered well. Before the procedure, Dr Iskin explained exactly what would happen and confirmed that I understood it correctly.”

Dr Hitchcock is an absolutely extraordinary physician. As you can see by my age I have seen a lot of Physicians in my life and I say without reservation that Dr Hitchcock is in the top five Physicians I’ve ever seen. Her care was compassionate patient kind and really extraordinary.”

Valley Medical Center

“Everything is always great. Everyone is always kind, professional, and friendly. Dr. Riedell is amazing!! He really cares about his patients. Always kind and courteous. Gives you all his time and attention, and really answers questions and makes sure that you understand. He always works with us to try to come up with the best solution. He’s just a good doctor all around.”

Dr. Hicks is always very sweet and helpful. She was quick with getting my meds to the pharmacy. Thank you!”

Kudos from UW Medicine patients

UW Medicine’s Advancement team engages with patients throughout the year. Here’s what patients had to say about their doctors.

Dr. Bhrany and the entire staff provided me with exceptional, compassionate care from checking in to my release. Thank you all.”

“I commend Dr. Yogeswaran for her professionalism and exceptional bedside manner. She is a good listener and has proven to be a competent guide, both with my medical concerns and with navigating the healthcare system. I truly enjoy being her patient!”

“I cannot adequately express my gratitude for the care I have received from Dr. Matthew Zhang at the Eye Institute at Harborview since 2018. Thyroid Eye Disease is a frustrating condition for both the patient and physician. Dr. Zhang not only listened to my concerns, but clearly explained the potential risks and benefits of various treatment options. As a result, I am very pleased with the outcome of treatment and the restoration of the appearance and function of my eyes.”

“Thank you Dr. Henkle for the time and care you take to listen and respond to me. I appreciate the thoughtful answers and your ability to remember details about my life and what is important to me. I feel cared for and I am grateful for your suggestions and honesty with me.”

Social media shout outs

Kudos and heartfelt comments from the community on  UW Medicine’s social channels.

Facebook logo “I have never felt more heard, more understood, more cared for, or more valued than when I became a patient of Dr. Merati’s. He greeted me with kindness and wisdom and began to put back together the parts of me that felt broken for so long. I’m forever grateful for his compassion and expertise.”

Instagram logoDr Elizabeth Phelan and Dr Jenny Roraback-Carson provide the most caring and patient-centered care in the Falls Clinic at Harborview Medical Center! They validate their patients, connect with them and provide evidence-based care with dignity and kindness. Dr Phelan and Dr Roraback- Carson make an enormous difference in the lives of their patients. They both love to collaborate with their interdisciplinary and trainee team! They inspire us all and set an extraordinary example of high-quality healthcare and medicine. I am grateful for both of these incredible geriatricians!”

Facebook logo “Thanks to Dr. BEST FOR the surgery on my left ankle and the Therapy I am getting and healing. God bless you.”

Instagram logo “There are so many doctors working to keep my brother alive that I can’t name them all. Not to mention my own PCP, Dr Joseph Lauinger at the Kent – Des Moines clinic. I cannot say enough good things about him.”

Facebook logoDr. Mulligan saved my wife’s life with a bilateral lung transplant in 2019. While they were getting ready to put her on ECMO for post surgical complications he reassured me that it was going to be ok. Called me by my name despite having only met me once before.”

Instagram logo “Forever thankful for Dr. Evan Hall & Dr. John Gore for taking me on as a patient and getting me in and scheduled for surgery so I was able to feel better to celebrate last Christmas with my kids. ❤️”

Facebook logoDr Gwin at Fred Hutch Seattle has been positive and a wonderful doctor during my battle with stage 4 breast cancer. Dr Norman at Fred Hutch Poulsbo has been a big help too. Dr Wade at Gamma Knife Radiation Harborview has been a big positive help too. I’m so blessed to have such a team!!!”

Instagram logo “We moved to Seattle in August ’23 from ME and are relieved and happy to say our primary care and specialist doctors are providing knowledgeable professional care with compassionate friendly bedside manner.”

Facebook logo “A very special thank you to Dr. Elyse Brinkmann, Dr. Sarah Goldsberry-Long and Dr. Kirsten Dansey and to all of the other doctors who are a part of my journey.”

Show your appreciation

Want to show your recognition or appreciation for an incredible colleague? Visit the UW Medicine Recognition and Appreciation site (UW NetID required) for resources on how to share and show your support for your team members.


Raves & Raves is a monthly column of positive feedback received from patients and community members.