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UW Medicine Town Hall

Upcoming Town Hall: June 18, 2024

Next UW Medicine Town Hall: June 18, 12:30 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.

UW Medicine Town Hall is held on a quarterly basis. Please send us your questions for the upcoming Town Hall.

Zoom Link:

For higher quality, you can also dial a number based on your current location:

  • 253.215.8782 (Tacoma)
  • 669.900.6833 (Seattle)

Webinar ID: 887 116 941

Provide your feedback on the future of Town Hall and how we might re-envision our meetings.

Town Hall Archive


  • Dec. 15 recording, audio, transcript.
    • Topics: Tim Dellit, MD, CEO of UW Medicine, shares his vision for UW Medicine and what he views as the opportunities and challenges ahead
  • May 19 recording and audio.
    • Topics: end of the COVID-19 public health emergency and changes at the national, state and local levels; updates on Mission Forward


  • Aug. 12 recording
    • Guest: Shireesha Dhanireddy
    • Topics: COVID-19 numbers, monkeypox, capacity management with the ongoing high censuses in our hospitals
  • June 24 recordingtranscript and audio.
    • Guest: Shaquita Bell
    • Topics: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendation for COVID-19 vaccines in children under five years of age
  • May 27 recordingtranscript and audio.
    • Topics: recent number of COVID-19 cases, COVID-19 vaccine boosters for kids, monkeypox
  • Feb. 25 recordingtranscript and audio.
    • Topics: masks, boosters, staffing
  • Feb. 11 recording and transcript and audio.
    • Guest: Shireesha Dhanireddy
    • Topics: Vaccines and therapeutics for COVID-19, evolving policies, return of elective surgeries
  • Jan. 28 recordingaudio and transcript.
    • Topics: Impact of inpatient numbers starting to decline and case counts going down in King County, the omicron BA.2 subvariant
  • Jan. 21 recordingaudio and transcript.
    • Topics: Omicron
  • Jan. 14 recordingaudio and transcript.
    • Guest: Shaquita Bell
    • Topics: Impact of omicron on children, the current census and state of care across the system, new policies
    • Resources: Project N95 aims to help people find a credible source for buying N95 and KN95 masks
  • Jan. 7 recording and transcript.
    • Topics: Impact of omicron


  • Nov. 19 recording and transcript.
    • Guest: Paula Houston
    • Topics: vaccines for kids, booster shots, new visitor policies and more.
  • Nov. 5 recording and transcript.
    • Guest: Shaquita Bell
    • Topics: Vaccines for kids ages 5-11
  • Oct. 22 recording and transcript.
    • Guests: Chloe Bryce-Cahn and Tim Dellit (host)
    • Topics: Boosters available for all three vaccines, new visitor policy at Harborview Medical Center
  • Oct. 15 recording and transcript.
    • Topics: Vaccine mandate, boosters, visitor policy
  • Oct. 1 recording and transcript.
    • Topics: Current surge, vaccine boosters, vaccine mandates, evolving policies
  • Sept. 17 recording and transcript.
    • Topics: Current surge numbers and the impact of neighboring states, vaccine mandate and exemptions, third doses, visitor policies
  • Sept. 10 recording and transcript.
    • Topics: current surge, third doses, vaccine exemptions
  • Sept. 3 recording and transcript.
    • Guest: Janet Englund
    • Topics: Return to school, vaccines for younger children
  • Aug. 20 recording and transcript.
    • Topics: Third doses of the COVID-19 vaccines, masking mandates, the impact of the delta variant
  • Aug. 13 recording and transcript.
    • Topics: Delta variant, the upcoming school year, vaccines
  • Aug. 4 Oncology Restructure Joint Town Hall recording.
    • Guests: Lisa Brandenburg, Nancy Davidson, Tom Lynch, Paul Ramsey, Jeff Sperring
    • Topics: Vision for the future, frequently asked questions
  • July 16 recording and transcript.
    • Topics: Delta variant, new masking guidelines, vaccines
  • July 14 Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center Town Hall recording.
    • Guests: Paul Ramsey, Lisa Brandenburg, Tim Dellit, Cindy Hecker
    • Topics: Answers to submitted questions
  • July 13 Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center Town Hall recording.
    • Guests: Paul Ramsey, Lisa Brandenburg, Tim Dellit, Cindy Hecker
    • Topics: Answers to submitted questions