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Thank you to our UW Medicine employees for all your work to improve the health of the public.

Here’s how we’re making a difference in the community:

Patient relations praise

Gratitude and feedback submitted to patient relations.

Harborview Medical Center

“Everyone that provided support was so helpful, kind, supportive and friendly. Their kindness and professionalism help decrease some of my anxieties and fears. *Dr. Louis Kim’s team, along with *Dr. Kim did an excellent job!”

UW Medical Center – Northwest

“We have not stopped talking about our two guardian angels – Erin and Maggie. Maggie was the nurse on nights when we came in. After hearing about interventions during our triage, we (my partner and I) were very thrown off and I didn’t know if I could do it. Maggie had an incredibly personal and supportive talk with us that got me in the right head space for the entire birth. It was a Ted Lasso-esque pep talk that was the turning point from feeling like things were going off the calls to being in-control and in a good head space. Erin created the safe space we needed to stay focused and positive. I had a 12-hour birth from water breaking for my first, and I don’t think that would have been possible without Erin deftly navigating me between positions, and feeling so safe with her around. We cannot express how thankful we are to both, and how they helped us start this parenting journey in a positive way. They went above and beyond, check in on us the next day and continuing to encourage us!”

UW Medical Center – Montlake

“Ann was terrific in helping me change my in-person visit to a telemedicine visit due to weather conditions. Dr. Urban was terrific in the care she provided.”

UW Medicine Primary Care

“Michelle was so great! She really listened to my concerns. I felt understanding and empathy from her. We discussed several options, looking at past bloodwork tests, and found a solution I am really excited about. I have historically only seen Michelle for travel appts, but she will be my primary from now on! It feels great to be listened to and feel like a person and not a number. Thank you, Michelle!”

Valley Medical Center

“I was pretty scared going into getting my MRIs done and the staff talked with me through it all it was probably one of my best times having imaging done.

Front desk and nurse were very pleasant as usual. I am grateful to have had approximately 20 years of care under Dr. Park. I’m sure he will continue to be part of the solution. All the best to him and his family.”

Social media shout outs

“Thank you for taking care of us.”Facebook logo

“Love UW medicine. Have had many surgeries performed there with great results! ❤️🥰”Facebook logo

“I love U.W. Sports Medicine God bless them for all the lives they make better.”Facebook logo

“I LOVE UWMC!!”Facebook logo

“Love u of Washington medical center and Harborview medical”Facebook logo

Raves & Raves is a monthly column of positive feedback received from patients and community members.