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On October 2, 2018, we began our Destination: One journey to a single electronic health record (EHR) to improve patient engagement, physician and practitioner experience and to achieve business and operating efficiencies. Thank you to all of our physicians, nurses, clinical and business staff and ITS partners for your hard work and time over this past year leading and participating in various workgroups with your colleagues across UW Medicine through the design and build phases.

We now enter the testing phase, which will extend through June 2020. During this time, there will be functional testing of individual components of the system, integrated testing to ensure different components work together, and end-to-end testing to ensure workflows are seamless. We will then proceed to user acceptance training where many of you will be able to see and touch the system before training begins in June 2020.

While there is still much to do, your efforts have provided a critical foundation for our success.

You will continue to hear much more about the Destination: One journey in preparation for our go-live on October 3, 2020. Thank you for your support!

For more information, please visit the Destination: One website.


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