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As you may know, Fred Hutch Cancer Center is investigating a data security incident that was detected on November 19, 2023. While this investigation is ongoing, Fred Hutch has begun sending letters to patients whose information was involved in the incident.

The Fred Hutch mailing will go to approximately 1 million people, including individuals who did not receive clinical care at Fred Hutch. These patients received clinical care at UW Medical Center, Harborview Medical Center, and UW Medicine Primary Care.

Sharing Data with Fred Hutch: Fred Hutch Cancer Center and UW have long been close partners in providing cancer care services, performing research, and implementing related operations. Given our close relationship, certain information is exchanged under affiliation, clinical care, and research agreements and protocols. That information exchange serves many important purposes including coordinating clinical care, performing clinical and scientific research, and facilitating operational collaboration.

At present, the evidence indicates that this incident specifically involved only Fred Hutch data systems. To date, we have not seen any evidence that any UW-based systems or networks were compromised.

Responding to Patient Questions: If you are asked about this incident, please direct patients to the Fred Hutch Data Security Incident Website. It has an FAQ that is being updated as new information becomes available. There is also a toll-free number, 1.888.983.0612, to reach Fred Hutch’s dedicated call center for answers to other questions.

As part of its response, Fred Hutch is offering complimentary credit monitoring services to individuals whose Social Security number may have been involved. Instructions for activating these services are contained in the letters being sent to these patients.

UW Medicine continues to monitor closely the Fred Hutch incident and its impact on our patients. This incident is also a reminder that we must stay vigilant to protect our information technology systems. Please notify our IT team at if you observe something suspicious or have questions about data security.

Thank you for directing our patients to the Fred Hutch resources. We know they will appreciate your support.


Timothy H. Dellit, MD
Chief Executive Officer, UW Medicine
Executive Vice President for Medical Affairs and
Paul G. Ramsey Endowed Dean of the School of Medicine,
University of Washington