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We are deeply saddened by the violence that began this weekend with the terrifying attacks by Hamas on Israeli civilians. As the violence continues to escalate, the impact on civilians and loss of life in Gaza is also a tragic consequence.

For those of you who have family and friends in the region, we share your heartbreak over the loss of life that has already occurred and for the grave dangers that they now face. In the days ahead, please remember that UW Medicine is here to provide support and solace. If you feel it will be helpful, counseling resources for grief and loss as well as anxiety are available through the UW Employee Assistance Program.

As shared by UW President Ana Mari Cauce, we are also grieving the loss of a former UW student, Hayim Katsman, who was killed by Hamas gunmen. Please see her blog for more information about the current crisis.

We appreciate every member of the UW Medicine community and thank you for coming together in support of each other.


Timothy H. Dellit, MD
Interim CEO, UW Medicine
Interim Executive Vice President for Medical Affairs and
Interim Dean of the School of Medicine,
University of Washington

Paula L. Houston, EdD
Chief Equity Officer
Office of Healthcare Equity, UW Medicine
Associate Vice President for Medical Affairs
University of Washington

Bessie A. Young, MD
Vice Dean for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, Office of Healthcare Equity, UW Medicine
Professor of Medicine, Division of Nephrology, Department of Medicine
University of Washington