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I am greatly saddened to share with you the news that Dr. Stephen Schwartz, a member of the UW School of Medicine Department of Pathology, died yesterday after being hospitalized with COVID-19. Dr. Schwartz was a member of the Department of Pathology since 1967. He did a residency in the department from 1967-1972 and then was a postdoctoral trainee in the laboratory of Dr. Earl Benditt, the second chair of the department. Dr. Schwartz then joined the faculty as an assistant professor in 1973 and has been on our faculty ever since. He became a full professor in 1984. Dr. Schwartz also was an adjunct professor in the Departments of Bioengineering and Medicine, reflective of his many collaborative relationships with faculty in other departments in our medical school and in the world.

Dr. Schwartz had a distinguished career as an investigator in the field of vascular biology. He is rightfully considered a giant among investigators of the biology of smooth muscle cells and the structure of blood vessels. His honors include being named as an established investigator of the American Heart Association. There are many more. He was a founding Chair of the Gordon Research Conference on vascular biology, a co-founder of the North American Vascular Biology Organization – the leading organization for investigation in vascular biology – and chaired numerous meetings both national and international in the field of vascular biology.

Dr. Schwartz will be remembered for his vigorous advocacy for research and for the field of vascular biology as well as for his many trainees who have gone on to great success as independent investigators in the field of vascular pathobiology. Among them are current distinguished members of our Department of Pathology, including Drs. Chuck Murry, Mark Majesky and Ceci Giachelli.

Dr. Schwartz has left a lasting imprint on the UW School of Medicine and the broader scientific community. He will be greatly missed.



Paul G. Ramsey, M.D.

CEO, UW Medicine

Executive Vice President for Medical Affairs and

Dean of the School of Medicine,

University of Washington



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