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In our series, One Fun Thing, we’re collaborating with Anne Browning, PhD, associate dean for Well-Being at the UW School of Medicine, to bring you small, specific and low-effort ways to have more fun, plus a question to help you check in with yourself and others, and well-being resources.

There aren’t many things that feel quite as good as laughing with others.

Whether it’s a well-timed joke or just a funny life moment, laughter can feel like a release of tension and rush of energy all at once. It can also feel hard to laugh when life feels stressful or busy — but these are moments when humor can bring in some much-needed levity and health benefits. This month, instead of waiting for something amusing to happen, try to pause and notice the comedic gold in your day-to-day life.

One fun thing: laugh each day

Seek out laughter every day

Laughing is a simple but powerful act. In the moment, it brings lightness to tough situations, dissipates tension, relaxes your body and makes you feel connected with others. In the long term, it also bolsters your immune system and protects you against disease. Even if you aren’t in a good mood, the physical act of laughing can trigger your brain to release endorphins and ultimately shift how you feel.   

So go ahead: giggle, guffaw, chuckle or chortle. However you do it, laughing will give a boost to you and those around you. 

Question of the month

A way to check in with each other and ourselves. Use this question to connect with co-workers at your next meeting, to start a conversation around the dinner table or as a journal prompt.

What was the last thing that made you fullbelly laugh