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McKenna Princing

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Why Slowing Down Is Good for Mental Health

Psychiatry resident Amelia Wendt, MD, shares tips for using mindfulness to relieve stress.

9 Tips for Better Zoom Meetings

Tips on camera angles, muting, backgrounds, lighting and more.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About UW Medicine Pharmacists

Pharmacists do more than just manage prescriptions; they provide a wide range of clinical care for our patients. 

In Good Hands: Handwashing Stations Built for the Community

A middle school student, doctor and architects team up to build mobile stations and sinks to encourage hand hygiene in communities.

Celebrating Women’s Equality Day

Highlighting a few of the women working to make UW Medicine more equitable.

7 Photography Tips for Taking Great Phone Photos

You don’t have to be a professional to take great-looking photos.

After the Leak: An Award-winning Response to a Radioactive Material Leak

In May 2019, a cesium leak compromised Harborview’s Research and Training building. Here’s how the team responded and what they learned.

UW Medicine Announces New Series of Race-Based Virtual Caucuses

Paula Houston announces the continuation of UW Medicine's race-based caucuses through September 2020.

A Different Kind of Scrubbing In

Environmental Services staff protect patients and providers by keeping the hospital clean.