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In our series, One Fun Thing, we’re collaborating with Anne Browning, PhD, associate dean for Well-Being at the UW School of Medicine, to bring you small, specific and low-effort ways to have more fun, plus a question to help you check in with yourself and others, and well-being resources.

It’s officially summer in Seattle. June 21 marked the summer solstice (with 17.3 hours of daylight!), and you may have noticed the farmers markets are a little more crowded, the parks are filled with people (and their dogs), and the waters have more boats, paddleboards and kayaks cruising around.

And for good reason: Seattle summers are spectacular — from endless outdoor attractions to a vibrant arts and culture scene. When the sun’s out, so are Seattleites.

One fun thing: Summer in Seattle

Take advantage of the weather, the outdoors and community events around the city. Pick one (or a few) activities you want to do this summer and add them to your calendar. Try something new, get out in nature, and connect with friends, family and community.

Having something to look forward to can spark anticipatory joy; plus, doing new things, going outside and creating connections are good for your mental and physical health.

If you need some inspiration, check out this list of free activities:

Question of the month

A way to check in with each other and ourselves. Use this question to connect with co-workers at your next meeting, to start a conversation around the dinner table or as a journal prompt.

What sounds, smells, feelings, foods or activities remind you of summer?