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James Mhyre, MD, a graduate of the UW School of Medicine, has created and donated two monumental sculptures to the Department of Genome Sciences. After he retired from Evergreen Hospital, where he worked as a General Surgeon, he created his very first piece of art, a 24 foot sculpture entitled Double Helix. It was installed in the atrium of the WH Foege Building in 2015.

Double Helix by James Mhyre

In 2022, he completed a second sculpture titled Genomic Journey. This sculpture is 9 feet across and consists of three sections. The upper panel features a visual display of cell mitosis, the middle panel has examples of model organisms, and the lower panel explains how DNA is turned into proteins. 

Genomic Journey by James Mhyre

In his retirement, Mhyre taught himself the science behind genomics in order to make the sculptures accurate representations of what is studied in the Department of Genome Sciences. Both sculptures combine art and science. They can be viewed from the first floor of the WH Foege Building’s south wing.

For more detailed information, read more about the installations.