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Highlights | Telling our story

  • Strategic Marketing & Communications created an immersive story called “90 Days on the Front Line.”
  • The story weaves together the perspectives of several UW Medicine experts.
  • They give an inside look at how the UW Medicine community led the response to the nation’s first COVID-19 outbreak.
  • You can check out the story here.

The Challenge

As the pandemic rapidly unfolded in Washington state in late February, experts across UW Medicine were quickly working to address the spread of COVID-19.

What were they thinking? What was going on behind the scenes to prepare for the pandemic?

90 Days on the Front Line stitches together the stories of several UW Medicine experts to give a behind-the-scenes look at what was happening across UW Medicine from March to May — and in the months leading up to the outbreak in Washington state.

The marketing challenge was to tell the story of how our UW Medicine community banded together to lead the response to the nation’s first COVID-19 outbreak.

The Concept

The goal of this immersive story is to show how our community is safer (and healthier) because of UW Medicine. In other words, we want patients, potential patients, Puget Sound-area residents and our entire UW community to understand that if it wasn’t for the work of UW Medicine, we would be in a much different place with the coronavirus pandemic.

We chose to create an immersive story because — as the name suggests — it would give readers a feeling of being immersed in each month of the pandemic through the incorporation of charts, videos, timelines, photos, articles and social media posts alongside the narrative.

The Product

The immersive story pairs the perspectives of UW Medicine virologists, researchers and infectious disease experts with timeline events to paint a picture of how UW Medicine responded to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Immersive story timeline

Photos, videos, articles and tweets appear as the narrative progresses. Within each month of the story, a graph updates as the reader scrolls to show the number of cumulative COVID-19 cases, deaths, people tested and daily inpatient counts at UW Medicine hospitals.

immersive story graph

There are countless stories to highlight, people to thank and healthcare workers to acknowledge for their incredible efforts during the first 90 days on the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic, and we know that this story could not cover it all.

But, our hope is that it sheds some light on the amazing work that the UW Medicine community did — and continues to do — to make a lasting difference in the course of the COVID-19 pandemic.

To share the story on your social media channels, link to:

Here are some talking points you can use in a post on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn:

  • Read about what it was like to prepare for — and lead — the response to the nation’s first COVID-19 outbreak.
  • “90 Days on the Front Line” tells a compelling story of UW Medicine’s nationally recognized work on the hospital level, on the testing level and on the modeling level.

Thank you for helping us spread the word about 90 Days on the Front Line — and for all you’ve done to help this story come to life.

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“In market” is a term used to describe when a marketing campaign has launched. This article series provides a look inside the work of our Strategic Marketing & Communications team. We hope you’ll enjoy learning more about what the team does to promote UW Medicine and why.