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Highlights | What you need to know

  • UW Medicine has a new tagline: a higher degree of healthcare.
  • Strategic Marketing & Communications is running a campaign to raise brand awareness.
  • You’ll see ads promoting the tagline on billboards, buses and social media.
  • You may even hear a radio or Spotify ad.

The challenge

In 2019, UW Medicine announced a new tagline: a higher degree of healthcare.

What does this tagline mean? That we’re the only healthcare system in the Pacific Northwest offering an inseparable connection to the region’s leading medical school and an internationally known center for research.

The tagline is a powerful statement — and a differentiator from other hospitals in the region.

The marketing challenge was to introduce the tagline to the public in a way that resonates with the Puget Sound community and to demonstrate the concept behind the message in a meaningful way.

The concept

The campaign has two main goals: build awareness of the new tagline and grow affinity for the UW Medicine brand. In others words, we want Puget Sound residents to know us and like what they see so they’ll think of UW Medicine when they need care.

Market research steered us towards showing the humanity behind medicine that leads to discovery. We used patient and physician stories and imagery that highlights this concept.

The campaign

If you’re heading westbound on Denny Way over I-5 or traveling southbound across the Ballard bridge, keep an eye out for two billboards that promote our new tagline. Thanks to rush hour traffic and bridge openings, both locations give people time to take it in.

A higher degree of healthcare billboard on Denny Way

This is the bus wrap appearing on select lines in King County:

A higher degree of healthcare bus wrap

This print ad ran in University of Washington Magazine (formerly Columns):

UW Medicine print ad showing doctor in scrubs making a heart with her fingers

Tune in to KUOW at 94.5 FM or 96.5 JACK FM to catch our radio spots.

Our social media ads currently feature Mark Reisman, MD, and the technology of 3D printing hearts, as well as patient Gina Lee Gossett’s inspiring journey to motherhood.

Instagram and Facebook ads

The campaign landing page hosts stories that share what a “higher degree of healthcare” actually looks like.

About In Market

“In market” is a term used to describe when a marketing campaign has launched. This article series provides a look inside the work of our Strategic Marketing & Communications team. We hope you’ll enjoy learning more about what the team does to promote UW Medicine and why.


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