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  • The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center is launching a brand awareness campaign to highlight a comprehensive vision for the future of cancer care.
  • Fred Hutch signage and logos are coming soon to UW Medical Center, replacing current SCCA signage.
  • Co-branded signage will soon be appearing on clinical buildings on the Fred Hutch campus and at other locations.
  • We are making good progress on the clinical integration of our cancer care programs across Fred Hutch and UW Medical Center.

I am pleased to announce that the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center (Fred Hutch) is celebrating an exciting milestone today with the launch of a brand awareness campaign. As we announced on April 1, Fred Hutch brings together the research and clinical programs that were previously located at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA). It is also a clinically integrated part of UW Medicine and serves as UW Medicine’s cancer program.

The brand campaign is designed to introduce Fred Hutch to the public. It will highlight the organization’s mission to redefine cancer care and accelerate research that leads to new cancer discoveries and treatments. It will also introduce new signage and logos that you will see at UW Medical Center, replacing the current SCCA signage. Co-branded signage reflecting the relationship between Fred Hutch and UW Medicine will also soon be appearing on clinical buildings on the Fred Hutch campus and on clinical buildings at other locations.

Over the past six months, we have made good progress in our work to clinically integrate cancer services at Fred Hutch and UW Medical Center. While both organizations continue to provide patients with high-quality treatment and care at their sites, we are developing a unified administrative structure that will improve the patient experience with faster access to care and greater integration across care teams. Equally important for our faculty, this new structure will facilitate the delivery of high-quality care and improved patient experience by establishing a consistent set of clinical policies and procedures across our cancer program.

Our progress to date also includes working together on initiatives to improve cancer screening with an initial focus on screening for breast, colon, and lung cancers. We have added new positions for patient navigators to help people access cancer care more easily, and we are sharing best practices by bringing together clinical and support teams from both organizations to learn from each other. Looking ahead even further, we are establishing joint committees to identify gaps in our services and to plan for new and expanded programs.

While we are at the beginning of this new phase of our relationship, I am confident that having Fred Hutch serve as UW Medicine’s cancer program will serve our community well. Working together, we will be better able to deliver groundbreaking cancer care, and we will advance our mission to improve the health of the public.

Please join me in congratulating Fred Hutch on the brand launch and thank you for supporting our vision for the future of cancer care.


Timothy H. Dellit, MD
Interim CEO, UW Medicine
Interim Executive Vice President for Medical Affairs and
Interim Dean of the School of Medicine,
University of Washington