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This is a friendly reminder about the UW Medicine return to work policy.

If it’s not COVID-19, can I come to work?

Please remember that staff should not come to work or participate in work-related events if they are sick or not feeling well, regardless of COVID-19 test results. Working while sick (including with non-COVID-19 illness) or returning to work too early puts other staff and patients at risk for infection.

When should I return to work?

If you are not feeling well, stay home and follow the guidelines for testing and return to work after illness (see the below diagram). Additional information can be found in the Staff Quarantine and Isolation for COVID-19  Policy. After returning to work following a non-COVID-19 illness, masking is strongly recommended in shared spaces until symptoms are completely resolved.

Allergy season is here

We are also in allergy season, so if you are experiencing symptoms typical of your known allergies (sneezing or watery eyes), you may continue to work if your symptoms are responsive to your usual allergy management. If symptoms include cough, sore throat, fever, or occur following an exposure to COVID-19, then stay home and follow the recommendations for testing for COVID-19 (see below diagram).

Thank you for your commitment to keeping your coworkers and our patients safe!

UW Medicine Infection Prevention and Employee Health