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Cheers to our colleagues as they start new roles at UW Medicine and as they move on to new chapters in their careers or retirement.

Here’s who is on the move:

Sean Mooney

Sean Mooney, PhD, chief research information officer of UW Medicine, has been selected by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) as the director of the Center for Information Technology.

Mooney has spent his career managing the development of collaborative electronic systems supporting biomedical research. At UW Medicine, he’s also dedicated his time in the field to teaching and research — he’s a professor of Biomedical Informatics and Medical Education at the UW School of Medicine, interim director for the UW Institute for Medical Data Science and director of informatics for the UW Institute of Translational Health Sciences.

In his new role at the NIH, Mooney will oversee a supercomputer and network that allows researchers to conduct large-scale data analyses. The Center for Information Technology collaborates with the NIH community in computational bioscience, engineering, informatics and statistics to help make biomedical discoveries. He’s expected to join the NIH in March 2024.

Read the NIH press release.