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Miranda Todd RN, Neuroscience ICU at Harborview Medical Center, receives the Speak-Up! Finalist Award for continuing Harborview’s commitment to ensure time critical activation of the Code Stroke Response.

(Left to right): Richard Goss, Yanling Yu, Rex Johnson, Keri Nasenbeny, Miranda Todd, Taryn Escuriex, Melvin Tam, Polly Roush, Anna Callen, Chris Cottingham.

The Washington Patient Safety Coalition Speak-Up! award is a statewide recognition program designed to celebrate the efforts of individuals or teams in Washington State who demonstrate a commitment to keeping patients and staff safe by speaking up and voicing their concerns to promote health care safety.

Identifying and speaking up about safety concerns is a strong indicator of Harborview’s support of a fair and just culture that empowers employees to proactively assess the workplace and participate in safety efforts to prevent patient harm.