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Clara Wu Tsai, a commercial and philanthropic investor, has joined the advisory board of the Institute for Protein Design at UW Medicine.

The board’s purpose is to provide guidance to the IPD’s mission to establish protein design as a powerful force in basic research, biotechnology and entrepreneurial innovation. Board members advise the Institute’s leadership on discovery science, translational opportunities, fund-raising, and new external collaborations that advance the overall mission.

Tsai had a career in business and finance as an executive at Taobao, China’s largest online shopping website, and American Express in New York and Hong Kong. With her husband Joe Tsai, Clara pursues philanthropic investments that advance knowledge, innovation, equality of opportunity, and creative arts.  Their work with global partners focuses on the translation of new knowledge into practical applications with human and social impact.

“The Institute for Protein Design at UW Medicine is generating completely new protein-based technologies that have the potential to revolutionize several industries. I believe the Institute for Protein Design will make a positive difference in the health of people around the world,” Tsai said. “The IPD’s remarkable advances in science represent a technology-based approach to solving challenges in health, medicine and industry and based on protein design.”