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The results of the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Survey, conducted by the UW Medicine Office of Healthcare Equity, are now published in a report and dashboard. They will also be discussed at town hall meetings that begin next week. 

While many employees’ overall experiences of inclusion and belonging are positive, there are important inequities in these experiences by demographic groups, and these problems compound for those with intersectional identities.

Findings and focus areas

Based on the survey findings, UW Medicine will focus on the following recommendations:

  • Earn trust by demonstrating leadership accountability and follow-through on reported incidents of bias.
  • Address disparities of belonging and psychological safety so that our workforce can raise concerns of bias without fear of retaliation.
  • Develop and support multiple systemwide efforts to reduce the frequency of bias and discrimination.
  • Increase leadership diversity through formal recruitment, hiring, retention, promotion, and development opportunities for our workforce.

The report and dashboard provide further exploration of these focus areas.

EDI Survey Town Halls

Register to attend an EDI Survey Town Hall to learn more about the results, ways you can get involved and how we can move forward as an organization.