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Data Snapshot  

UW Medicine Hospitals:  

Marketo_Inpatient Census 7.15.21

King County: The county reported 58 new positive cases and -2 new deaths on July 20. 

Washington: The state reported 423,043 cases and 6,043 deaths as of July 18.  

United States: The CDC reports 33,896,296 cases and 606,618 deaths as of July 19. 

Global: WHO reports 190,671,330 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 4,098,758 deaths as of July 19. 

Numbers update frequently, please follow links for most up-to-date numbers.  

UW Medicine COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Update 

Total Vaccine Doses Administered: 351,798 

  • Total first dose: 170,863 
  • Total second dose: 180,935 

As of July 19, 2021. 

UW Medicine in the News 

NPR: With The Delta Variant Spreading Fast, Is It Time To Mask Up Again?
Featuring: Helen Chu, MD, MPH, Allergy & Infectious Diseases; Ali Mokdad, PhD, IHME
“As NPR has reported, delta appears to be about 225% more transmissible than the original SARS-CoV-2 strains. One recent preprint study from China found that people who are infected with delta have — on average — about 1,000 times more copies of the virus in their respiratory tracts than those infected with the original strain, and are infectious earlier in the course of their illness. No matter how you look at it, delta seems to spread faster, explains Helen Chu, associate professor of medicine at the University of Washington. ‘You can look at it through modeling, you can look at it through population-level data, and you can look at it simply by putting the virus into the cell and looking at how quickly it infects the next cell,” she says. “In all of those measures, it has looked like it’s more transmissible.’” 

Fox News: Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine trial in pregnant women should ‘reassure’ public, expert says
Featuring: Linda Eckert, MD, OB-GYN
“‘I do think that more data is always helpful when it comes to offering reassurance to patients,’ Dr. Linda Eckert, professor in obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Washington, wrote in an email, later adding, ‘I do feel confident in the vaccines we have available but welcome more data. I strongly believe and know that the risk of COVID infections in pregnancy are significant, and so I tell individuals who chose to be vaccinated that it seems like a wise decision for the protection of their own health and the health of their pregnancy.’ Eckert also serves as the American College of Gynecology (ACOG) liaison to the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), and co-authored ACOG’s Practice Advisory on COVID-19 vaccination in pregnant and lactating individuals.” 

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