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The Minority Faculty Mentoring Award recognizes the need for excellence in mentoring of underrepresented faculty groups to achieve diversity and inclusion, key elements that can unleash creativity and innovation so that we can meet the healthcare needs of our region. This is an annual award highlighting the mentoring achievements of senior faculty.

Nominees need not be a member of an underrepresented group. This award is supported through the Office of the Dean, Office of Academic Affairs, the Office of Healthcare Equity and the Committee on Minority Faculty Advancement (CMFA). Over the past few years UW School of Medicine has been honored to recognize the achievements of our mentoring leaders: Byron Joyner, MD; Leslie Walker, MD; Frederick Rivara, MD; Bruder Stapleton, MD; Fuki Hisama, MD; Beverly Torok-Storb, PhD; Elina Quiroga, MD; and most recently Ruanne Barnabas, MD, DPhil.

The Nomination Process

To begin the nomination process, please provide a one-page letter nominating a senior faculty member (professor or associate professor) within any clinical or basic science unit within the School of Medicine. Faculty and fellows are invited to write letters of nomination. Letters should explain how the mentor has provided encouragement and support for the career and development of minority mentees. Letters should also detail specifics as to why the individual nominee merits recognition as an outstanding mentor. Letters of nomination must include your name and current contact information in case the Selection Committee requests further information.

For additional information or to submit your nomination letters, please contact Nora Coronado, Nominations are due April 29, 2020.