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Five foundational project teams were awarded funding by the newly created Weill Neurohub. This research network was created with a $106 million donation from the Weill Family Foundation and brings together neuroscience communities at the University of Washington (UW), University of California San Francisco and University of California Berkeley.

The first awards will fund the following five high-impact projects, fueling new discoveries in basic and clinical neuroscience:

Engineering and Application of “NEXTGEN 7T” MRI Scanner

  • Project leaders: David Feinberg, MD, PhD (University of California Berkeley); Thomas Grabowski, MD (UW); Chunlei Liu, PhD (University of California Berkeley); Pratik Mukherjee, MD, PhD (University of California San Francisco).

Identification of Novel Treatments For Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders

  • Project leaders: Jennifer Doudna, PhD (University of California Berkeley); Lea Grinberg, MD, PhD (University of California San Francisco); Suman Jayadev, MD (UW); Dirk Keene, MD, PhD (UW); Michael Rape, PhD (University of California Berkeley); William Seeley, MD (University of California San Francisco); Jessica Young, PhD (UW)

Creation of a Weill Neurohub Collaborative Platform for Data and Analytics

Project leaders: Kristofer Bouchard, PhD (University of California Berkeley, Lawrence Berkely National Laboratory); Bing Brunton, PhD (UW); Thomas Grabowski, MD (UW); Roland Henry, PhD (University of California San Francisco); Geoffrey Manley, MD, PhD (University of California San Francisco); Shankar Sundaram, PhD (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory); Bin Yu, PhD (University of California Berkeley)

Advancement of Electrical Stimulation for Treating Neurological and Psychiatric Illness

  • Project leaders: Edward Chang, MD (University of California San Francisco); Karunesh Ganguly, MD, PhD (University of California San Francisco); Michel Maharbiz, PhD (University of California Berkeley); Chet Moritz, PhD (UW); Rikky Muller, PhD (University of California Berkeley); Jeffrey Ojemann, MD (UW); Amy Orsborn, PhD (UW); Azadeh Yazdan-Shahmorad, PhD (UW)

Construction of Next-Generation Microscopes for Live Brain Imaging

  • Project leaders: Graeme Davis, PhD (University of California San Francisco); Adrienne Fairhall, PhD (UW); Na Ji, PhD (University of California Berkeley); Saul Kato, PhD (University of California San Francisco); Laura Waller, PhD (University of California Berkeley)

You can read more about these projects as well as future award cycles on the Weill Neurohub website.