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The University of Washington Physicians (UWP) Board of Trustees made the decision on February 15 to transition the UWP administrative staff to UW employment, with a target date of January 1, 2020. As part of the same transition, the small subset of UWP members who are currently solely employed by UWP will move to the same UW-UWP dual-employment arrangement as most other UWP members.

“The new employment structure will create greater alignment within UW Medicine and allow us to be more efficient as a system,” said Dr. Tim Dellit, President, UWP. “Over the next several months, we will be meeting with staff and doing the detailed work necessary to implement the transition.”

In response to the changing healthcare market, UW Medicine is evaluating business operations throughout the system and taking actions to provide high quality patient experience, improve the health of populations and decrease healthcare costs (see Triple Aim).

UWP will remain an incorporated 501(c)(3) non-profit faculty practice plan for those UW School of Medicine faculty who provide clinical care primarily to adult patients. It will be governed by the UWP Board of Trustees with the same leadership structure. UWP will continue to function as a separate legal entity within UW Medicine and the current UWP administrative staff will continue to provide business support for clinical services provided by UWP members. Under the new employment structure, UWP will purchase these support services from UW.


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