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Highlights | Modernizing finance infrastructure

  • Largest institutional change in 50 years
  • Consolidates over 850 different systems across UW and UW Medicine
  • Creates a single financial system

On July 6, 2023, the University of Washington actualizes one of the largest institutional changes it has seen in 50 years, ushering in a new, modern finance and supply chain infrastructure that will support the University into the future.

Five years ago, the UW Finance Transformation (UWFT) program was launched and began working with stakeholders to systematically retire, remediate and consolidate over 850 side systems and redesign finance-related policies and processes across the enterprise. The implementation of Workday® Finance replaces many legacy systems (including HEMM/ASCS and Ariba) so there’ll now be a single financial system of record for all of UW — a “source of truth” for most financial work — enabling reduced risk through standardized, predictable, real-time and informed financial decisions.

Workday Finance will also provide access to a standardized set of reports that can deliver consistent, transparent and reliable data, and become a one-stop-shop for requisitioning supplies, procuring items and viewing financial information.

Where to go for help

When users log into Workday, they’ll see new finance-related apps, depending on security roles. For any Workday finance, procurement or supply chain questions, the first line of support is a new, self-help resource — the UW Connect Finance (UWCF) portal. UWCF is an online repository of training and support materials where users can search for resource materials (i.e., knowledge articles, job aids, training, recorded demos, request forms) and links to find the help they need. If users can’t find what they need on the UWCF portal, they should reach out to their manager or Supply Chain Management point of contact.

The implementation of this new modern finance infrastructure will help UW better steward the state resources entrusted to it and improve its capacity to deliver on its public mission of education, discovery, community service and patient care.

To learn more, check out a recent blog post from Chris Mercer, executive director, UWFT, or find detailed information and resources on the UWFT Change Network.