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Part of the New Year ritual is looking back at the highlights of the old year. It was a busy one for UW Medicine. Many of our research studies were counted among the top stories of the year by journals, academic associations and news organizations. On the UW Medicine Newsroom, Right as Rain and here at the Huddle, we had our own lists of top stories for 2018.

In case you missed them, or want to enjoy them again, here is our round-up of the most popular:

Top 5 media picks featuring UW Medicine research

No safe level of alcohol, study concludes

Several news organizations, including Slate, Science News, Business Insider and MedicalXpress, named a study on the global burden of disease and injuries related to alcohol as one of their top 2018 news stories in scientific and medical research.

Male birth control passes a safety test

Science News called a study on a once-daily capsule safely suppressing reproductive hormones in men its most read news story of 2018.

Breast cancer gene variants edited, analyzed to improve clinical testing

Eric Topol, editor in chief of Medscape, highlighted a few fast-moving areas of science in 2018 that have transformative potential in medicine. Under the category of genome editing, Topol gave a study published in Nature as an example.

High resolution comparative analysis of great ape genomes

Nature magazine named a Science paper that revealed new differences between humans, chimpanzees and orangutans among its Choice Cuts from its News & Views articles of 2018

Designer proteins activate fluorescent molecules

Nature magazine readers voted for a News & Views article to be included in the 2018 round up.  The Reader’s Choice was a Nature paper from the UW Medicine Institute for Protein Design on new proteins that could activate certain fluorescent molecules.

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