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UW Medicine is funding 202 Well-Being grants with $250,000 in donor funding. The grants will support a wide range of projects focused on building community and improving the workplace environment and culture.

In total, 311 proposals and more than $1 million in requests were submitted from across UW Medicine.

While not all of the requests received funding, UW Medicine Advancement and UW Medicine leadership expanded the pool of funds available from $100,000 to $250,000 by leveraging donations from the broader community.

What will the grants support?

  • EDI: book clubs, Health Equity Rounds and curriculum development.
  • Appreciation and development: Rose Awards, recognition events and mentorship programs.
  • Mental Health: suicide intervention project, Tea for the Soul, forest therapy and storytelling for catharsis.
  • Brainstorming: hackathons, science symposiums and Epic efficiency strategic planning workshops.
  • Connection through art: Ikebana, knitting, painting, pottery and an Arts and Humanities day.
  • Space and environment: lactation spaces, well-being renovations, chair massages, light boxes, ergonomic supports in workplaces and even a therapy labradoodle.
  • Movement: boxing classes, Qigong, kayaking, yoga, ropes courses, whirly ball, field days and walks.
  • Outdoors: activities in Spokane and Montana for WWAMI residents, planting bulbs, building gardens and tending to local trails.
  • Sharing meals: morning waffle bars, lunch and learns, supper clubs and midnight cookies and conversations aimed at building community, making connections and sharing cultures.
  • Meeting basics needs: Employee Health Essentials Markets, food pantries and last-minute meals for folks providing emergency coverage for their teams.
  • Community learning: registered dietitians will attend a Chef’s tour of Pike Place Market to connect with local farmers and gain new culinary perspectives, tips and tricks.

Visit the Well-Being Grants website to see the list and descriptions of all funded grants for each entity.