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The American Medical Group Association (AMGA), which represents physicians in group practices, has named UW Medicine as the 2019 Acclaim Award Recipient

This award recognizes UW Medicine as a national leader in care transformation for continuously learning and innovating to improve the quality and value of care, patient experience and outcomes, and population health.

“AMGA is excited to present this year’s Acclaim Award to UW Medicine for the notable strides they’ve taken to measurably improve care quality and outcomes and reduce costs,” said Dr. John Kennedy, AMGA chief medical officer and AMGA Foundation president. “Through this award, we hope to highlight the tactics UW Medicine used and the outcomes they achieved to help inspire other providers seeking to improve their own performance.”

“I want to extend my thanks and congratulations to our care transformation leadership team and to all of the physicians and staff who have been working to improve how we deliver care in recent years,” said Dr. Paul Ramsey, CEO, UW Medicine. “Care transformation requires both vision and perseverance, and the Acclaim Award is a great validation of our measurable progress.” 

Read more about UW Medicine’s initiatives at The Road to Care Transformation: Accomplishing Reliably Excellent Care That Is Patient-Centered and Mission-Driven.

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