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The news video team in the media relations section of UW Medicine’s Strategic Marketing and Communications has landed the top spot in the Video Series category of Ragan’s 2020 Video, Visual & Virtual Awards.

The award is for a continuing series of news segments and soundbites, prepared with UW Medicine faculty experts and front-line staff, on various aspects of the emergence of and response to the coronavirus pandemic.

A few examples of the many topics the team covered:

  • Discoveries on the structure and function of the coronavirus infectivity mechanism
  • Antibody testing to check for previous mild or asymptomatic infections
  • New surveillance approaches
  • How ventilators are used in hospital treatment of COVID-19 respiratory failure
  • Immune system responses to the coronavirus
  • COVID-19 prevention strategies for people living in shelters

The videographer for the series, Randy Carnell, is a seasoned broadcast reporter with national and international news coverage experience. The producer was Katie Chen, who brought energy, talent, ideas and interviewing and editing skills to her role. Susan Gregg, director for media relations for UW Medicine, oversaw the effort.

Learn more about the videos and award on the UW Medicine Newsroom.