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UW Medicine has joined TIME’S UP Healthcare as part of our commitment to creating a workplace and clinical environment that focuses on gender equity and the prevention of sexual and gender harassment.

“I am proud to join TIME’S UP Healthcare on behalf of UW Medicine,” said Dr. Paul Ramsey, chief executive officer. “We share its urgent goal to create an inclusive, diverse and equitable environment for all patients, students, trainees, staff and faculty.”

As a TIME’S UP Healthcare signatory, UWM Medicine has pledged our support for the following core statements:

    1. Sexual harassment and gender inequity have no place in the healthcare workplace. We are committed to preventing sexual harassment and gender inequity and protecting and aiding those who are targets of harassment and discrimination.


    1. We believe every employee should have equitable opportunity, support, and compensation.


    1. We cannot address a problem without understanding its scope and impact. We will measure and track sexual harassment and gender-based inequities occurring in our institution.


TIME’S UP Healthcare was launched in February 2019. It is an affiliate of TIME’S UP, which was started by a group of women in response to widespread revelations of abuse and misbehavior at the hands of powerful men in the entertainment industry.

For more information, visit TIME’S UP Healthcare.


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