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The University of Washington is No. 7 among world universities and No. 8 in the field of medicine in the annual performance rankings by National Taiwan University (NTU). 

The UW was also highly ranked in the following subjects related to clinical and basic biomedical science research:

  • Microbiology: No. 2
  • Immunology: No. 4 
  • Clinical Medicine: No. 7
  • Biology & Biochemistry: No. 11
  • Molecular Biology & Genetics: No.11 
  • Pharmacology & Toxicology: No. 11

The NTU ranking system evaluates and ranks the scientific paper performance of the top 800 universities worldwide. Three criteria represented by eight indicators were used to assess a university’s overall scientific paper performance: research productivity (accounting for 25% of the score), research impact (35%) and research excellence (40%). 

For more information, visit the NTU Ranking website and read the UW news release.

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