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UW Medicine’s significant contributions to the Washington state economy are highlighted in a study released today about the University of Washington’s economic impact.

In 2018, UW Medicine generated $8 billion in economic activity and supported or sustained 51,489 jobs. These numbers represent a significant portion of the UW’s total impact of more than $15.7 billion in economic activity and as a creator of 100,520 jobs throughout the state.

The study also highlights the economic benefits of UW School of Medicine research. Since 1974, the School has ranked consistently among the top three schools in grant funding from the National Institutes of Health. In 2018, the economic impact of research conducted by faculty based at UW Medicine and its affiliates totaled $1.8 billion, and this research supported and sustained 8,705 jobs.

“UW Medicine’s impact on our state’s economic health springs from the work of our faculty and staff to achieve our core mission of improving the health of the public,” says Dr. Paul Ramsey, chief executive officer. “It also speaks to our culture of innovation, which inspires us to seek new solutions and explore new frontiers in our continual pursuit of excellence in patient care, teaching and research.”

The study was conducted for the UW by Parker Philips, a nationally recognized consulting firm. The authors state that “UW Medicine provides a unique impact to the residents of the Pacific Northwest because it connects residents with a top-rated medical school and an internationally recognized research organization.”

More information, including a one-page summary and the full report, is available from the UW Office of External Affairs at Economic Impact Report.


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