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Thank you to our UW Medicine employees for all your work to improve the health of the public.

Here’s how we’re making a difference in the community:

Patient relations praise

Gratitude and feedback submitted to patient relations.

Harborview Medical Center

“UW Medicine represents values, principles, professionalism, and the entire organization advocates and integrates diversity & inclusion at all levels. I feel blessed and thankful for being able to receive prognosis and treatment at UW Medicine and Harborview.” 

UW Medical Center – Northwest

“My experience was 100% perfect. The professionalism, friendliness and care were fabulous. Receiving the passport after my surgery with signatures from the surgical team really touched my heart. When mentioning this to my friends and family they found it beyond belief. There are no words to praise you for my care. 1000%.”

UW Medical Center – Montlake

Dr. John Gore is the best physician I have ever encountered, as a patient or professionally. I am 55 years old and a retired Paramedic/Fire Chief and have worked with dozens of doctors and health care providers over my 30+ year career in many different health care systems. Dr. Gore is the best of the best. During my many appointments and imaging exams over the last 5 years I have made it a specific point to ask his co-workers what they think of Dr. Gore. Without exception they have ALL agreed with my assessment. Dr. Gore should be used as THE example of how a physician should treat patients. Every other physician I have ever encountered could benefit from his instruction in bedside manner. Simply the best.”

UW Medicine Primary Care

 “Dr. Holland demonstrates genuine empathy for any of my health issues. Her interactions with me are always to the highest professional standard and make me feel safe to discuss even the most difficult of issues. I find Dr. Holland to be one of the most knowledgeable physicians I have met. She is careful to present treatment problems that can arise, and effectively uses messaging if addition research is necessary before proceeding with a course of care. Dr. Holland easily sets the standard of physician ethics and level of care.” 

Valley Medical Center

“Thank you, Amanda Troise, for being the most amazing nurse we have ever had. You not only took care of [my significant other], but you took care of me. You took the time to explain every step to me and I know you were busy. I don’t know what I would have done without you during this stressful time. You are truly amazing. I can’t even begin to express my gratitude.”

Social media shout outs

Kudos and heartfelt comments from the community on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

“I would like to thank the team of UW Medicine, Cardiac ICU for taking such excellent care of my mother. Nurses were top notch, with excellent bedside manner. The first hospital I’ve seen that treated mom like an individual. Just thank you so much!” Facebook logo

“We were so lucky to have Dr. Ellenbogen remove David’s brain tumor. Throughout the following chemo and stem cell transplant so many Doctors have commented on his having set David up for his best chance at full recovery. For me, his thoughtfulness and support on surgery day ( Apr 24 2020- aka the day Harborview shut down allowing family in the facility due to Covid). The calm and kind check in with me after a long day amidst crazy conditions helped me set the course for handling the next year+. He continued his support for us during the days after surgery, making a world of difference in the days of crazy Covid restrictions. When I couldn’t get ahold of David, Dr. Ellenbogen helped, and made sure I was in the loop as to David care. We were so lucky!”Facebook logo

“Back in the saddle… When I left the hospital (ICU) in the early morning hours of Oct 9, I was sure I would never see Jason put on his uniform again. I thought our lives were about to do a 180 overnight. Two ICU admissions, 2 hospital stays, 1 spinal cord surgery and 4 months later, he put on his uniform and drove away in his patrol car. I’m so thankful for our wonderful family and friends who got us through this rough time, and I’m eternally grateful for the skilled surgeons who made this day possible, especially Dr. Bonow at UW Medicine. Eatonville 1 is officially back in service!!! 💙💙💙” Facebook logo

“I cannot thank the kind staff of @UWMedicine enough for taking the best care of me and getting me out in time to catch my flight home. I truly can’t thank them enough.”Twitter logo

Raves & Raves is a monthly column of positive feedback received from patients and community members.