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In our series, One Fun Thing, we’re collaborating with Anne Browning, PhD, associate dean for Well-Being at the UW School of Medicine, to bring you small, specific and low-effort ways to have more fun, plus a question to help you check in with yourself and others, and well-being resources. 

We’re closing out February and even if it doesn’t feel like it, in the next month Seattle will burst into bloom.  

Spring Equinox, or the first day of spring, is March 20. The UW cherry blossoms will be at their peak around the third week of March. And by the end of the month, we’ll be thinking about magnolias in the Washington Park Arboretum and tulip fields in Skagit Valley.  

In other words: you are making it through the winter, and you are almost there.   

Give yourself a boost during this month of transition by tuning into your environment and the small moments that bring you joy. Maybe it’s seeing the first bud emerge on your neighborhood walk, noting the warm glow of the twinkly lights in your favorite cafe or paying attention to the smell of dinner cooking and the laughter of your loved ones over a shared meal. 

 The idea is to notice the small things that bring you joy, then let yourself indulge in them.  

One fun thing: notice what brings you joy

Indulge in small moments by taking a photo, writing it down or talking about the moment with a friend.

It’s easy to move through joyful moments without really feeling or experiencing them.

This month, practice noticing when you feel joy and slowing down so you can be present. Take note of the moment by snapping a photo, keeping a running list, journaling or chatting about the experiences.

Question of the month

A way to check in with each other and ourselves. Use this question to connect with co-workers at your next meeting, to start a conversation around the dinner table or as a journal prompt.

What are some things you want to give more of your attention to right now?