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We all work in healthcare, but we still need health and wellness news we can trust. In the age of fake news, Twitter tirades and dwindling local news organizations, it can be difficult to know if what we’re reading online is something we should take seriously.

That’s where Right as Rain comes in. Right as Rain (or RAR, as the editors affectionately call it) is a digital magazine from UW Medicine that provides truthful, down-to-earth health and wellness information that you can use in your daily life. We share personal stories you can relate to. We debunk myths and question the status quo.

And all Right as Rain articles are reviewed for accuracy by your expert clinical and research colleagues at UW Medicine and UW so you know that what you’re reading is factual and actually helpful.

The best news is, now you can get all the goods in your inbox. Just visit our website and subscribe to get updates, info and our newest articles every other week.

You can’t get all your health information from a Google search or WebMD’s symptom checker (because that’s usually anxiety-inducing). Right as Rain wants you to enjoy what you read, learn something valuable and hopefully share it with your friends or colleagues. Plus, many of the stories center on the quirks of Pacific Northwest living, like how to prevent mold and why you should still go outside when the weather sucks.

Oh, and fun fact: The phrase “right as rain” means to feel fit and in good health. It’s thought to have originated from Britain, where rain is a fact of life, much like it is here in Washington.

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