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The show, titled “(lm)Printed,” is a collection of artistic reflections created by students of the UW School of Medicine E20 cohort. Through introspection around the concepts of self, identity and relationships, students translated aspects of their personal identities to imagery, marking pages with ink as they will mark patients’ lives through their future work.

Artwork from the (lm)Printed collection.

The show is available for viewing from Nov. 1, 2021 to Jan. 31, 2022. Please visit the Sky Gallery to enjoy their creations. We invite all members of the healthcare team to use this space to reflect and reconnect with aspects of their own identity and how they find working in healthcare meaningful.

The Sky Gallery is located on UW Medical Center – Montlake’s Main Lobby. Follow signs to Admitting and then continue on around the corner to enter the gallery. Signs and arrows point the way.