Messages from your colleagues: thanks, words of support and encouragement.

I'd like to give a shoutout to my supply chain people working behind the scenes to keep the life's blood of supplies flowing through our facilities during this crisis and beyond. Go Team SCM!!!


Chris M.
UW Medical Center – Montlake and Northwest; Harborview

The NCCU nurses at Harborview who have overnight gone from taking care of strokes, TBIs, SAH, and tumors are now just as masterfully caring for the COVID-19 patients and suspected cases. I have always admired them, but never more than now. They are heroic.


Richard R.
Harborview Medical Center

I want to thank you to all for great communication and fast adjustments to the ever-changing protocols and needs.

Laboratory: excellent organization and communication. Going from 1,500 tests per day to 10,000 in such a short time. Thank you!

Pharmacy: hand sanitizer making – amazing!



Yuliya S.
Hall Health Center

Thanks for keeping me up-to-date on all the covid 19 special information that comes to my email from UW Medicine Leadership. It's not particularly meant for me, but it helps ease my mind to know the inside story. And some information is VERY useful. Likes today's message on grieving the passing of life events. Very pertinent. Thanks!


Meghan L.
UW School of Medicine

Thanks to everyone working as dofficers the last several weeks on the fifth floor through daily changes, grabbing supplies, and helping us to be safe.


Nicole B.
Medical Surgery

Thank you to Yilin Zhang and Mark Mayo for becoming our hospitalist COVID-19 experts. Both are doing incredible jobs (above and beyond their usual hard work) to distill the constant new information from multiple sources so that we can stay on top of things and provide better care to our patients. So honored to work with you both!


Lindsey P.
UW Medical Center – Montalke

Thank you to Yi Yan, clinical nurse educator, for her great PPE training! She explained everything very clearly, with good humor.


Zena C.
Harborview Medical Center

I want to thank Celine England for being and incredible leader to our unit in this very scary, uncertain time. She has never wavered from her message of priority to staff safety. We are heard, and she is an incredible advocate. I feel so fortunate to be working where I do.


Andrea M.
Harborview Medical Center

To Timm Berry in Teleservices: Thank you so much for your prompt assistance, patience and competent help with phones as we set up remote work. So much appreciated.


Carol C.
UW Medical Center – Montlake

Angad Singh is my hero! He has done an amazing job teaching all of us how to use technology to care for patients. I could not be caring for patients effectively without him.


Amy B.
UW Medical Center – Montlake and Harborview

Thank you to all of the nurses and techs who have been working on the 6SE quarantine unit this week. You are on the frontlines and handling even more responsibilities than usual with aplomb. You are our eyes and ears and are keeping our patients safe in these uncertain times.


Lindsey P.
UW Medical Center - Montlake

To the IT staff who have been always patient and polite, helping us with remote set up and endless trouble shooting. You are terrific, and we never thank you enough.


Carol C.
UW Medical Center - Montlake

"What we do now, echoes in eternity"

Let us join each other and send out a clear message now, tomorrow and in the future that there is no virus and no negative force that would be able to overcome our passion and commitment to making positive impact in people's health and people's lives!!! We are UW Strong!!!

Beejay C.

I want to give a shout out to all ED Staff for their patience, calm, laughter, kindness, caring hearts, strengths, hard work and resilience. An amazing group of nurses, techs, MAs, NP's, registration, security, ED managers, PSS, radiology, SPMs, social workers, pharmacists, doctors, and especially housekeepers. We could not do our work without this team!!!

Christine P.
UW Medical Center - Montlake

My deepest gratitude is not enough to express my appreciation and admiration for the amazing healthcare workers and support staff putting everything on the line to care for others. Your generosity, grace, resilience, ingenuity and tenacity inspire and protect so many. Your impact will be felt as positive force for generations to come.

Jordan R.
UW School of Medicine

Thanks to my UW Medicine Advancement colleagues who are helping out with accepting in-kind donations from our generous community! You all are amazing, selfless and kind-hearted. It will be great to see you in person again someday soon.

Abbey N.
UW Medicine Advancement

I've been a volunteer with the Patient and Family Liaisons at Harborview ICU Help Desk for the past 5 years. Every single one of you has had my absolute respect during that time, for your incredible skill, stunning compassion, and tireless dedication. It is SO hard not to be there with you all now, but you are carried in spirit.

Donna L.

Dear Front Line Workers,

Thank you for "Taking one for the team"!
Find stolen moments in the day to JUST BREATHE!
We will do our part by staying home, so we can see you on the other side!

Hang in there!

Paula J.
UW School of Medicine

You are my friends, you are my work family, you are my colleagues. I am grateful for you every day. Together we can and will meet any challenge.

Lauren B.
VA Medical Center

Along with my pregnant wife and two year old son, I want to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart. You truly epitomize the best of humanity during these times of trouble. Your selfless acts and desire to help is both inspiring and life affirming. Thank you.

John T.
UW Neighborhood Belltown Clinic

Thank you to all the healthcare workers taking care of our neighbors, friends and family. We appreciate you so much!

Barbra R.
UW School of Public Health

My gratitude to all medical staff, thank you for putting your lives in danger for the sake of all of us. Words cannot express our gratitude. I know we will see this pandemic will be controlled. God bless every one of you. Thank you for your services.

Abeba A.
Retired RN

The main front entrance hospital staff are so courageous as they greet everyone. They communicate welcome and safety. Thank you each for the valiant presence you are providing.

Jacqueline S.
UW Medical Center - Montlake

It’s taken me most of today to think of a proper way to say thank you. There are no words to say how I feel about our UW family, so let this be my “virtual” hug to each and every one of you!

Grethen B.
Academic, Rural and Regional Affairs