Connecting our world at UW Medicine

Leadership Messages

UW Medicine Update On Monkeypox Response

A message from Shireesha Dhanireddy and Sanitago Neme.

Leadership Transitions at UW Medicine

A message from Tim Dellit.

UW Medicine Launches Digital Health Office and Digital Front Door

A message from Tim Dellit and Lisa Brandenburg.

Leading UW Medicine as Interim CEO and Interim Dean of the School of Medicine

Tim Dellit shares his plans and gratitude in his new interim roles as CEO of UW Medicine and Dean of the School of Medicine.

UW Medicine Responds to Supreme Court Decision on Abortion

A message from Paul Ramsey, Lisa Brandenburg, Tim Dellit, Jaqueline Cabe, Ruth Mahan, Don Theophilus and Paula Houston.

Celebrating Juneteenth and Honoring Black Americans

A message from Paul Ramsey and Paula Houston.

Hate Crimes and White Racism Must Stop

A message from Paul Ramsey, Paula Houston and Bessie Young.

New UW Medicine Chief Security Officer

A message from Lisa Brandenburg.