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A new homeless shelter opened at Harborview Hall, which is owned by King County, on Friday, Dec. 21. Harborview Hall is across from the main Harborview Medical Center building. 

The shelter is operated and staffed by the Salvation Army. Open from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m., the shelter has 100 beds for single adults. People who stay at the shelter will be able to bring a pet and some possessions.

While the Salvation Army is responsible for security inside the shelter, Harborview has also taken a number of  steps to maintain a safe campus environment for staff, patients and visitors. These include increased officer and vehicle patrols, improved lighting around the building and installation of high-definition cameras for coverage on Ninth Avenue and the alleyway behind Harborview Hall.

The opening of the Harborview Hall Shelter is part of a package of emergency housing strategies by King County to provide services to vulnerable members of the community. For more information, see Harborview Hall Shelter

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