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On June 14, the Pew Charitable Trusts announced that 22 early-career researchers were selected to join the Pew Scholars Program in the Biomedical Sciences. These promising scientists will receive four years of funding to invest in exploratory research to advance human health and tackle some of biomedicine’s most challenging questions.

The 2019 class of scholars — all of whom hold assistant professor positions — are new members of an active community of nearly 1,000 scientists who have received awards from Pew beginning in 1985. Current scholars come together annually to share their research and gain insights from peers working in other fields.

The 2019 class of scholars was chosen from 178 applicants who were nominated by leading academic institutions and researchers across the United States. Congratulations to our two recipients from the UW School of Medicine:

Dr. Kelley Harris, assistant professor of genome sciences, will explore why individuals accumulate mutations at different rates and in different genetic locations.

Dr. John Tuthill, assistant professor of physiology and biophysics, will investigate how animals sense the position of their limbs and use spatial information to coordinate their locomotion.

For more information, read the Pew Charitable Trusts press release.