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Highlights | New ad in market

  • Strategic Marketing & Communications created a print ad to place in INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine.
  • The ad features Paula Houston and Bessie Young from the Office of Healthcare Equity.
  • The ad highlights UW Medicine’s commitment to support diversity and to create an equitable learning environment.

The opportunity

UW Medicine is working to create an equitable learning environment by recruiting and retaining racially and ethnically diverse students and faculty.

When INSIGHT Into Diversity, a national print magazine dedicated to diversity and anti-racism in higher education, ran a special report on diversity in medical schools in their May 2022 issue, it gave us a perfect opportunity to highlight the people leading this work: Paula Houston, EdD, and Bessie Young, MD.

The concept

When it came to creating the ad, we wanted Houston, chief equity officer, and Young, vice dean and medical director, in the Office of Healthcare Equity (OHCE), to be front and center. Houston and Young are leaders dedicated to reducing disparities in healthcare delivery and creating anti-racist spaces in education. With the OHCE team, they are focused on recruiting and retaining students, faculty, trainees and staff who represent the diversity of the communities we serve by offering supporting programs, pathways and resources.

The ad

Flip through an online version of the magazine — you’ll see our ad on the final page.

About In Market

“In market” is a term used to describe when a marketing campaign has launched. This article series provides a look inside the work of our Strategic Marketing & Communications team. We hope you’ll enjoy learning more about what the team does to promote UW Medicine.