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UW Medicine launched the Bias Reporting Tool in early 2021 to provide our community with a new way to report incidents of bias. Since then, over 1,000 events have been reported.

The Second Annual Community Report provides information about 372 events reported in the past year for the purpose of raising awareness about what our community is experiencing. This information helps us see patterns of biased behavior and identify areas needing more investment, training, policy, practice and process changes.

Read the Second Annual Community Report

Additional Resources

  • For concerns related to workplace conflict, you can reach out to a supervisor, manager, union representative, or human resources consultant for additional support.
  • For concerns related to the treatment or care of an individual patient, please submit a PSN as there is now a way to identify bias involved in a patient care event using the PSN system (Bias Reporting Tool cannot contain PHI).
  • For events needing additional investigation consider reporting the event to the university’s Civil Rights Investigation Office. This is an investigative body that can offer an external investigation into concerns including discrimination, retaliation or gender-based harassment. This office was recently consolidated, having formerly operated as two offices: the University Complaint Investigation and Resolution Office and the Title IX Investigation Office