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Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates the history, diverse cultures and contributions from the Latinx and Hispanic communities. 

This year’s theme, Esperanza: A Celebration of Hispanic Heritage and Hope, announced by The National Council of Hispanic Employment Program Managers, invites us to celebrate Hispanic heritage, resilience and hope. 

Themes of resilience and hope resonate as the delta variant becomes more widespread and as Latinx communities in Washington state continue to disproportionately bear the burden of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s also a reminder of the contributions Latinx and Hispanic people have made in the past and will continue to make in the future. 

Find out the history behind the month, how you can celebrate and resources to learn more. 

History of Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month

The first, nationally recognized Hispanic heritage observation started in 1968 under President Lyndon Johnson and was expanded by President Ronald Reagan in 1988 to cover a 30-day period. 

Sept. 15 kicks off the celebratory month because it’s Independence Day for Latin American countries Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. Plus, within the 30-day period Mexico and Chile also celebrate their independence days. Indigenous People’s Day and Día de la Raza are celebrated during this time, too. 

Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month resources

The UW Medicine Office of Healthcare Equity has compiled the following resources for celebration of and continued education on Latinx and Hispanic communities. 

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Editor’s Note: article updated on Sept. 17, 2021.