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In the Community

Team Transplant Celebrates 20 Years

Alysun Deckert, founder of Team Transplant, celebrates 20 years, 40 half-marathons and countless positive outcomes with the team.

Genome Hackers: Teaching Young Women How to Code

Created by UW School of Medicine graduate students, this one-week camp for high school girls focuses on teaching computer science using biological concepts.

Drop Teams Prevent COVID-19 Outbreaks at Long-Term Care Facilities

UW Medicine’s three-phase plan is helping prevent and manage outbreaks at long-term care facilities.

3 Ways UW Medicine Focuses on Equity During COVID-19

How UW Medicine strives to reach underserved communities in its COVID-19 response.

In Good Hands: Handwashing Stations Built for the Community

A middle school student, doctor and architects team up to build mobile stations and sinks to encourage hand hygiene in communities.

Celebrating Women’s Equality Day

Highlighting a few of the women working to make UW Medicine more equitable.

After the Leak: An Award-winning Response to a Radioactive Material Leak

In May 2019, a cesium leak compromised Harborview’s Research and Training building. Here’s how the team responded and what they learned.