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Why Slowing Down Is Good for Mental Health

Psychiatry resident Amelia Wendt, MD, shares tips for using mindfulness to relieve stress.

UW Medicine Reproductive Experts Share Their Fertility Tips

UW Medicine employees receive a discount on fertility treatments at the Reproductive Care clinic.

7 Ways to Cope With Pandemic Fatigue at Work

Try these quick and easy ways to feel more energized and focused.

How to Talk to Friends and Family About Safe Holiday Gatherings

Share the Washington State Department of Health’s Safer Gatherings Checklist with your friends and family to help everyone stay safe this year.

Holidays, Hugs and Travel: 3 COVID-19 Experts Share Their Safety Habits

Find out what our COVID-19 specialists do in their personal life to stay safe during get-togethers and trips.

How to Make Your Halloween a Little Healthier

Halloween and healthy eating don’t have to be at odds. Judy Simon, RD, CD, shares her tips for having a sweet holiday this year. 

Masking, Cleaning and Takeout: 3 COVID-19 Experts Share Their Safety Habits

From hand hygiene to grocery shopping, find out what COVID-19 specialists do in their personal lives to stay safe.

5 Flu Facts to Share With Your Loved Ones This Year

This year, the seasonal flu overlaps with the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s how to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.