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Clinical Care

Learn About Our Respiratory Urgent Care Clinics

These clinics provide focused care for those with respiratory symptoms.

A Look Inside UW Medical Center – Northwest’s Childbirth Center Renovations

UW Medical Center – Northwest completed the first phase of renovations to its childbirth center.

Coming Soon: On-Demand Virtual Care with 98point6

Patients can use the 98point6 app for diagnosis and treatment for a variety of health concerns.

New Collaboration With Airlift Northwest and MultiCare

A new partnership to improve critical care for pediatric and neonatal patients.

UW Medicine Launches on Zocdoc

On Tuesday, Sept. 29, UW Medicine announced its launch of a new access initiative with Zocdoc, an online healthcare booking system.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About UW Medicine Pharmacists

Pharmacists do more than just manage prescriptions; they provide a wide range of clinical care for our patients. 

Telehealth Services Team Expedites Telemedicine Rollout

Telemedicine is bigger than just a COVID-19 care solution — it’s the future of digital health.

The Sports Institute’s Exercise Rx App Helps Patients Get Moving

The Sports Institute teams up with engineering and computer science partners to develop an app that supports a healthy, active lifestyle.