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COVID-19 Positive Inpatients at UW Medicine hospitals


UW Medicine Hospitals: As of this morning, our hospitals have 119 patients with COVID-19. While most of these patients are on acute care floors, about 25% require intensive care, including intubation. The number of inpatients continues to climb steadily upward, unfortunately as expected.

United States: The CDC reported 186,101 cases (22,562 new) and 3,603 deaths (743 new) on April 1. Of these cases, fewer than 2.5% have an identified exposure that is travel-related or close contact of a known case.

Global: The WHO COVID-19 Situation Report for April 1 reported 823,626 confirmed COVID-19 cases (72,736 new) and 40,598 deaths (4,193 new) globally. The WHO Situation Report highlights that the ultimate goal is for countries to be able to “walk back” their respective epidemics from community transmission to clusters to sporadic transmission and ultimately to no cases. The WHO is expected to publish guidance for countries in their efforts to scale back social distancing and other community mitigation measures once transmission decreases.