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UW Medicine: As of this morning, UW Medicine hospitals are providing inpatient care for approximately 47 patients in acute care units and ICUs. Many more patients continue to be seen in the clinics and emergency departments. Since the UW Virology Lab started testing, we have tested over 4,000 people and approximately 6% have had positive results.

United States: The CDC reported approximately 10,500 total (confirmed and presumptive) COVID-19 cases and 150 deaths nationwide. This represents a 48% increase in reported cases and a 55% increase in deaths from the previous day. Of these cases, approximately 94% do not yet have an identified exposure.

Global: The WHO COVID-19 Situation Report for March 19 reported 209,839 confirmed COVID-19 cases (16,556 new) and 8,778 deaths (828 new) across 168 countries/territories/areas (seven new).

Italy has overtaken China with respect to the number of reported COVID-19 deaths. Yesterday, Italy reported a total of 3,405 deaths compared to 3,248 reported deaths in China; however, China’s 80,967 cases remains the highest national total, and Italy is second with 33,190. Additionally, Spain reported more than 1,000 COVID-19 deaths.